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Contributor: Joseph Tassone

Joseph Tassone
Joseph Tassone has served as Identive’s Executive Vice President of Technology and Product Management since January 2010. In this role, he is responsible for technology cross fertilization between business units, effective utilization of R&D resources and supporting Identive's M&A strategy. Prior to Identive, he held a similar role at Bluehill ID AG. Joseph has more than 15 years experience in the software, security and ID industry, serving both technology start-ups and established solutions providers. He holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University and a Bachorlor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.
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As 2012 gets underway, the ever-evolving security market can expect to see a number of trends emanate, ranging from secure identification in cyber space and into physical access. With security atop the priority list for many security and IT professionals, I have decided to highlight just a few of the over-arching progressions to keep an eye on this year – Secure ID, smart cards and readers, cloud computing. In terms of the Secure ID segment, we can anticipate the convergence of secure ID’s in a number of environments–Internet, physical access, network access...

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