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NFC: What’s Most Interesting Right Now?

Copperberg, an events organizer for the Global Manufacturing industry, recently conducted an industry survey focusing on the status of NFC technology, particularly on mass adoption and what areas currently interested the respondents the most. According to the survey, 65% agreed that in order to achieve mass adoption, NFC should focus on educating the masses about non-payment opportunities. In response to what they found most enticing with the frictionless technology, over a third of the respondents (39.8%) claimed transit and ticketing, followed by retail (25%), cashless payments (19.3%) as well as access control and authentication (15.9%).

At Identive, we’re doing our best to help provide education around the technology through our website as well as educational resources. Here, you’ll find all the latest news, frequently asked questions as well as some expert insight into NFC. As more awareness around which devices come equipped, how to use it and ultimately, how it will expedite many of today’s daily tasks, the more speedily we can expect to see a full-blown uptake of the contactless technology. As the survey suggests, it is evident we must think outside the scope of mobile payments, embracing the diverse host of applications ranging from paperless ticketing and in-store retail to access control and authentication. Luckily, you can find an Identive solution that caters to each of these aforementioned verticals, from ready-to-use NFC tags and SDKs to our TouchSecure® readers and Tap to Login solution.

The emergence of enabled smartphones and other mobile devices has created the requisite for marketers and retailers alike to cater to the constantly-connected mass audience, thus ultimately revolutionizing the consumer world of yesterday. Tagtrail has transformed the way organizations reach and respond to their audiences using the world’s most ubiquitous personal communications device – the mobile phone. The marriage of NFC technology and Tagtrail’s cloud-based content delivery and analytics capabilities enable the delivery of rich, personalized content and services to mobile phones and tablets.


To get better acquainted with the ins and outs of this technology, feel free to ask us any question right here on as well as give this oldie but a goodie from our CEO Ayman Ashour a read.


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