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BSides Myself in Los Angeles

Last week I met a guy who stole $17 million dollars in an afternoon.  And then gave it all back – to the bank that hired him as a white hat hacker to test their security controls. These are the kinds of people you will meet at a Security BSides event, like the one I […]

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Data Breaches Heating Up, Can They Be Cooled Down?

“If you don’t think you have been hacked, you just don’t know it yet.” – Richard Clarke, Former Presidential Anti-Terrorist Advisor As more organizations enter the digital world, it is more imperative than ever that security professionals become cognizant of the new risks surrounding data management. While securing company data and ensuring privacy from outsiders is crucial […]

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Feeling Handcuffed by Proprietary Security Systems?

IPVSA and Identive invite you to our free seminars.  Join us for a free half-day seminar and discover how latest developments in open standards from the Security Industry Association and member companies can improve security, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs in your organization. Join us if you want “freedom of choice.” Leading security and […]

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Fiji to Issue ID Cards for 250,000 Citizens

The Fiji National Provident Fund and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority have announced that they will issue joint identity cards to the first 250,000 members of the public. In a joint statement, FNPF chief executive officer Aisake Taito claimed that the two institutions were set on exploring opportunities that arise from the synergy and adding […]

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Is Your Data Safe? Is Your Enterprise Secure?

Recent headlines make it clear that if you use email, or connect a computer to the Internet, your data simply is not safe. Organizations are starting to realize that the cyber threats against them are very real, and they’re taking steps to protect their customer, employee and financial data as well as their intellectual property […]

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Join Us for an IdentityU Event: White Hat Security Seminar

Someone once said “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog.” The bigger truth is, in the digital world, it is hard to really know who anyone is. This creates real problems for those of us tasked with securing buildings, data and entire organizations. Before we can grant privileges, we need to authenticate the identity […]

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Balancing BYOD and Physical Security

As mobile devices continue to permeate today’s workplace, it has forced organizations to begin examining exactly just how they balance employee productivity and protection as well as its facility’s physical security. It is quite evident that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile technologies will be here for quite a while, and as a result, organizations find […]

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